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Acymailing Enterprise is developed by Acyba, the documentation is here.

acymailing dkim configuration

Sending e-mail from Acymailing with SPF and DKIM

Make all necessary configurations. The bounce e-mail address should be from a domain that is not the domain of the association. For example: Create an alias from that mail adres to an existing mailbox, like and fill in the fields at menu item "Bounce handling".

The spf record should be in the maindomain nameserver file of that bounce domain ( IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4: ip6:2001:[....] ~all"

The DKIM key must be self generated, with the following fields: Domain = Selector = ledenadministratieonline (without ._domainkey)

In the nameserver, add a TXT record: IN TXT "v=DKIM1; p=MIGfMA0GCS[...]; s=email; t=s"

Check if this works by sending a test mail from Acymailing enterprise to and analyze the response that is sent by port25.

Filling values for personalized newsletters

Go to your newsletter, and choose in the text area where you want the value to be filled in. Choose "Tags" in the Acymailing top menu. Here you can find all kinds of "umfeld" fields in Acymailing. One of the Tag tabs is "Subscriber". You can choose all fields that are registered for your users.

A code like {subtag:lidnummer} will be placed in the newsletter text. At the moment the newsletter is being sent, the value for that subscriber will be filled in the newsletter and a personlized touch has been added.

Automatically add Joomla users to newsletters

Create an Autofilter, save it and the cron will automatically add Joomla users from the MMS Members group to the newsletter list.

=== User-Friendly creating articles in the frontend With some customizations to the Acymailing template, we can create a user-friendly frontend method to create newsletter articles. 4 Fields have to be filled (Title, Text, Intro Image and Link A). The template then takes these fields and creates newsletterws with links to external websites.

Sending newsletters automatically from articles

  • Create a new article category, with the public access level for example "Messages".
  • Create new menu items: 1 to add an article via the frontend, defaults into category "Messages" and the second to edit articles from that category.
  • Create a smart newsletter that sends the new articles from the category. Usefull options are Generate frequency = "As soon as possible" and Generating mode "Wait for the confirmation before".

Users that can place articles from the frontend, now only have to place an article and Approve the sending when they get the test in their mailbox.

If you use Seblod on the website, install the plugin AcyMailing Tag : SEBLOD for placing Seblod content in Acymailing and change the code in the smart newsletter, for example this:

{autoSeblod:147-|displays:title; fulltext|clickable:0|pict:1|max_article:10|cols:1|order:id,ASC|min_article:1|filter:created}

Articles that are only accessible by members, need to be in a separate category, that is linked in a menu item with that same access level. Visitors will only then get a login prompt and if the module login redirect = default, they are sent to that article directly.