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In MMS - Subscription, the membership fee is calculated automatically. Based on this calculation, bill records are inserted in the @@@_leden_factuurregels table.

3 payment methods

Only the administrators see all 3 choices in the backend. Members see the viable payment methods in that installation. Every payment method can have its own associated costs.

Year or month based

The association can choose if he / she wants to calculate fees on a year or monthly basis. This is called "the Period". Calendar year opposed to a period that starts in another month.


Every installation has a startdate. In Year based fees, this is the month in which the year starts for that association. For example, schools start in september, so those associations can choose for periode start 9. In Month based installations, its the day of the month on which to start. Normally the period starts at 01 (first day of the month) periode start.

Calculating membership fees

The fee is only calculated for the current association period. 3 variables determine the members to be billed

  • Subscription end date in the future, empty, 0000-00-00
  • Subscription start date needs to be in the past (<= now)
  • The group in which the member is

Subscription start date: if in the current period, you can setup to calculate diminishing membership fees. For example; if a membership starts in november, that member doesn't need to pay the full subscription fee.

If a member stops his / her subscription during the period, he /she still gets a subscription fee when the subscription run is executed. The organization can apply the coulance by crediting the invoice afterwards. This is advisable when a member died for example. After crediting the invoice, the subscription end date should be put on to the last day of the previous period and have put their debit collection to invoice, and not on automatic debt collection. The end of subscription date in this case is not the day of the passing away: that date can be eventually be written in the "Remarks".


  • A member with the same start and end date are considered "turncoat" (spijtoptant in Dutch), and dont get a subscription fee.

4 different kind of costs

  • membership fee
  • Entry fees, only the first period that a membership starts
  • payment costs
  • manually entered amount per member in the member table. Once this amount is placed on the bill for that member, the amount will be resetted for that member. These are one time, manually editable costs. Don't forget to ad a amount description, so the member knows what the costs are for.

These 4 cost types are placed on 1 bill, together.