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Club Collect is a company that collects membership fees for clubs and associations at a low cost per invoice: 1 euro (or pound in the UK). Our Club Collect plugin can be used to select and export member data directly in the Club Collect file format. Make the selection on your member administration and send the file to Club Collect. They will collect your membership fees with minimum effort for the treasurer.

club collect interface
  • Download the free plugin from our download section. It is in the section plugins, the filename is
  • Extensions -> Install the plugin in the backend. Make sure its activated.
  • Create a new menu item. Choose a name, like "Club Collect". The type is under "intcom-ledenadministratie" : "Member Export - Export members records". Choose the tab "Export options" for the Club Collect profile. Save the menu item.

For filling the information to collect the subscription fees, look at the information at the Financial_tab