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Financial setup

The financial setup of MMS is done in the backend via My Member Administration component. Go to options -> tab "Financial setup". The Iban should be entered without spaces, the same applies to "Incassant Id" and "Incassant name". Be sure to delete any leading and trailing spaces. The banks consider space as a meaningfull character. The incassant name should therefore be identical to the name on the contract.

Gpg setup mms.png

The configuration can be setup in year or month term. In the year mode, members have a period of 1 year. In the month mode, members are member for a month.

GPG keys

The Iban value in the table `leden` can be stored encrypted with gpg (2048 or 4096 bits). RSA-2048 is believed to be safe against attack until at least the year 2030, so use it with confidence. The location of the gpg key is stored in the backend of My Member Administration. Go to options -> tab "Miscellaneous configuration". Enter the "Path to GPG module" (on our linux servers = "Crypt/GPG.php") and "Path to GPG key" (on our linux servers "clieop/.gnupg). The e-mail address to select the key, is the webmaster mail address in the Joomla configuration. If you change the webmaster address, add the e-mail address to the key:

$ gpg --homedir httpdocs/clieop/.gnupg/ --edit-key
gpg> adduid
gpg> uid 1
gpg> primary
gpg> save

The following file is also stored gpg encrypted in the database: SEPA xml file.