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On this page you will find information about setting up the MMS Synchro interface and using Conscribo.

  • create a usergroup in Conscribo with only rights to create, update and delete "Relaties"
Conscribo api group.png
  • create a user that is member of the above group
Conscribo gebruiker.png
  • create extra fields that you want to use in Conscribo, for example "Payment method", "Membership type", "Company name".
  • Fill in the information on the Joomla website (Components -> MMS Synchro -> Options -> Conscribo settings)
Conscribo configuration.png

Choose to match member id on Relatienummer.

  • Map the fields from MMS to Conscribo (Components -> MMS Synchro -> Field mapping). If a field doesn't exist in Conscribo, you can choose to create it. Fields should be of the same fieldtype: match the select field to a "Text" field. A text or number field can be matched to an amount field in conscribo: "." or "," will both will be converted in Conscribo to euro with decimals separated by a ",".

An example mapping:

Mmssynchro conscribo map.png

Execute the synchronization with a cron:

When synchronizing the Iban (Bank Card - IBAN), "On behalf of" and "BIC" will be autocompleted for Dutch Iban's in Conscribo.

Mmssynchro iban bic sync.png

Syntax check before sync

All fields of Iban and E-mail type are checked on syntax, before they are sent to Conscribo. If the syntax is incorrect, an empty value is sent to Conscribo. In the backend log you will find the member id where the value was refused.

Problems and solutions

If the synchronization failed (partly), find the reason in the MMS Sync Log file, its in /logs/mms_synchro.log.php You can reset the synchronization: import this csv file into the Conscribo administration (Nieuwe Relatie -> Importeren -> keuze "Verwijderen en vervangen"). All members will be deleted from Conscribo. Reset the synchronization on MMS side by this command:

Then start the synchronization again.