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On this page you will find information about setting up the MMS Synchro interface and using e-Boekhouden.

Function: The API in e-Boekhouden misses important fields that are important for automatic debt collection (SEPA). We think the synchronization is mainly for normal invoicing (send out invoices per e-mail) and not for SEPA. Update june 2019: Newsletter groups cannot be sent to e-Boekhouden. It comes down to the fact that only member data can be synchronized, such as name, address, Iban.


  • MMS Synchro component
  • PHP7 with SOAP enabled so that phpinfo(); gives the following output:
Php7 soap.png
  • e-Boekhouden User that has API permission + can read / create / edit members
  • The security code 1 and 2 from e-boekhouden.nl : Beheer -> Inrichting -> Instellingen -> Koppelingen -> API/SOAP -> Verder.
  • Create extra required fields in e-boekhouden, like membership type and start +end date of subscription.


  • Not required, but very handy for the treasurer is the MariaDB / Mysql event scheduler or a stored procedure. They are used to calculate a value in an extra field whether the member is Active or Inactive.
SET GLOBAL event_scheduler = ON;
CREATE EVENT mms_inactiveindicator
    UPDATE #_leden as l
JOIN `#_leden_rollen` as r
ON l.Rol=r.id
        SET l.VAR10 = IF((datediff(NOW(), `opzegdatum`) > 0) AND NOT(`Opzegdatum` ='0000-00-00' OR `Opzegdatum` IS NULL OR `Opzegdatum` =''), 'MMSINACTIVE', CONCAT('MMSACTIVE', '-',r.weergave_naam, '-',(CASE WHEN l.autoincasso = 'I' THEN 'inc' ELSE 'fac' END)));
  • activate all inactive members in e-Boekhouden.nl by searching for "MMSACTIVE"
  • create the different e-Boekhouden.nl subscription types, get the unique labels in MMS -> Roles + Payment method
  • Search in the active members for the unique labels and assign the matching e-Boekhouden subsription type
  • The direct debit mandate fields (authorization, date, id) cannot be imported by the e-Boekhouden api. If you have lots of direct debit mandates to be activated, The workaround for this is:
Export the members via 'Relaties > Relaties > Zoeken'. Edit the direct debit mandate fields and import via 'Relaties > Relaties > Importeren'. As long as the relationcode and name remain unchanged, you can choose at 'Reeds voorkomende relaties' for 'Overwrite'.

Specific Map instruction

When mapping fields, e-boekhouden needs to map the MMS field "Naam" to the e-boekhouden "Naam" field, and MMS field "Straatnaam" to "Address".

E-boekhouden-map naam.png

An example mapping:

Mmssynchro e-boekhouden.png

Synchronizing for the first time

Activate the synchronization script on your website, check in e-boekhouden if the members have been created. Important: when searching, choose: "alle leden", because initially, all members will be "inactief". If not all members are being synchronized, look in logs/mms_synchro.log.php for errors regarding members.


Activating "inactive" members ; assign a subscription

The treasurer needs to make the members without an end of subscription date "Active".

E-boekhouden search inactive.png

Search the inactive memberlist "Also on free fields" for the text "MMSACTIVE". Select those members, and activate them by giving a subscription ("Lidmaatschap aanmaken voor geselecteerde leden").


Most associations will give members a membership for 1 year:


Member data is synchronized.