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Sharing member profiles, controlled by members themself.

Easy Profile is a product developed by Easy Profile.

For members, sharing of their profile data can be handy. Contact info can be found by other members to make an appointment (sport associations), or by potential customers (associations for professionals). But sharing member data by the association might lead to data leaks and lawsuits. In Europe we need to obey the privacy laws.

So we searched for a method to publicize member data, while respecting the privacy laws (GDPR). To accomplish this we divided the profile in private and public data. Members can edit the data that is needed for the association (billing address, payment method etc), and the other data that can be shared with different groups, for example with other members and public. E-mail address should be disabled from changing in Easy Profile, or members will disconnect the connection to the member data.

The solution is Easy Profile.

Members have 2 profiles: 1 public (Easy Profile) and 1 private (My Member Software). These are 2 different buttons in the menu. For professional associations, member data can be shown on a map.

The result: total control for members on their data, compliant to the GDPR.

Our plugin Syncemail2mms takes care of updating the e-mail address in the member administration, when it is changed from Easy Profile (or Joomla Profile).


In easy profile, the configuration for the Joomla name should be the full name and not separated in firstname, middle name and last name:

Easy profile fullname.png