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  • All debug info like sync errors can be found in /logs/mms_synchro.log.php
  • Logged out of session when doing the administration: you need a separate user for the MMS Synchro interface. If the user is the same (in MMS Synchro and the user whit which you login on the frontend), then you will be logged out from conscribo when the cron script runs.
  • When mapping fields, the message "Request is being processed" is displayed, but nothing is processed when you press ok. This means the connection from your website to conscribo is delayed. The solution is to press OK, F% (refresh) and try again until the pop up disappears automatically.
  • The member type is synchronized as a number, not as a text. This is a bug which we are working on.
  • Fieldtypes should match in both MMS and Conscribo. Select in MMS = Text in Conscribo. The label will be synchronized, not the value.
  • There is an error in XML document (2, 321). ---> Input string was not in a correct format.