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MMS does not have links to Frontpage slideshow.

Setup instructions on Intcom servers:

$ vi /root/bin/joomlaopenclose


find $BASISDIR$SITE/httpdocs/media/ -type d -exec chmod 771 {} \;
find $BASISDIR$SITE/httpdocs/media/com_fpss/ -exec chown www-data:www-data {} \;
find $BASISDIR$SITE/httpdocs/media/com_fpss/ -type f -exec chmod 660 {} \;
find $BASISDIR$SITE/httpdocs/media/com_fpss/ -type d -exec chmod 772 {} \;

Language override in Joomla backend:

FPSS_MORE="Lees meer..."

navigation wrapper is for the navigation right of the slides. In the html, its declarated by

	<div class="navigation-wrapper">
		<div class="navigation-background"></div>
		<ul class="navigation">
						<li class="navigation-button">

etc. In the module settings for this slideshow, the slideshow template can be chosen. In the case of the "Movie" template, the html is there, but the buttons arent shown. This is caused by a conflict with bootstrap. How to solve: fill in a module class sufix in the backend.