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Groupadmins can manage the members that have the same value in the predefined group field(s).

Groupadmins need to be configured in advance: a predefined set of values in a select field or a checkbox (on or off) is needed. Members can be in different groups at the same time. If more than 50 values are needed in a select field, it is better to use the parent-child function.

Administration by Field Value

The groupadmin has the permission to administrate a group of members, based on their value in a specific field (the groupfield).

The membergroup which the Groupadmin can maintain is defined by the fieldvalue that the groupadmin has.

If the groupadmin has no memberrecord (and thus is not a member of a specific group), he can administrate no members.

Only fields that are of the type "checkbox" or "select" can be configured as groups. In a checkbox, only the checked state ("on") is matched, and for select fields, every value is matched (even empty).



A tennisadmin has a memberrecord and the field "Tennis" is checked. The tennisadmin can administrate the members in the database who also have the field "Tennis" checked.

How to configure

  • Joomla
    • Tennisadministrators is a joomla subgroup of Member administrators (Users -> Groups)
  • My Member Administration component:
    • In Roles, a Role "Tennisadmin" is linked to only 1 (the corresponding) Joomla group.
    • In Options -> Permissions, the Tennisadministrators has the permissions "Access : Member Administration Overview", "Access : Edit member profile", "Save : Saving member data" and "The right to manage members in the same group"

Important: allow either the right to administrate members of the same group, or members in all groups. See the following picture and choose the green cells.

Options rights group.png

    • In Forms, a set of fields is enabled for the tennisadmin on the maintenance form. Most are readonly, the tennisfields are optional or mandatory
    • In Form Fields, a field with the label "tennis" of the type "checkbox" with the "Group administration in this field" checked.