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This manual is intended for users that bought the fully configured plug and play version. You don't have it yet ? Order it here for 89 euro inc VAT and 1 year of updates.

The test installation consists of:

  • Joomla 3.8.8 installation
  • My Member Software - Administration 7.5.27 (configured)

Joomla and the My Member Software component are completely pre-configured as they are used by most of our customers. Ofcourse you can do the finetuning so it fits your organization's needs. In the member tables is 1 test members. Your memberdata can easily be imported with the use of CSVI and the template we included.


  • create a subdomain where to install the Joomla website(1);
  • create a new fresh database, or use your current database;
  • get the mms zip file from our download center. it contains a .jpa file + kickstart.php (from download here), unzip it in the directory where your subdomain is pointing to.

Kickstart akeeba.png

The test installation zip file consists of 2 files: a jpa file with the archive and kickstart.php to extract the files and the database. To extract website and database and do the install on your own webhost, unzip the 2 files and upload the .jpa file and kickstart.php to your webhost. Open your webbrowser and type in the url where you want the installation (a subdomain is a good choice) and calll the kickstart.php file by adding "/kickstart.php" in the address bar. The first pop up can be closed, and at point 4, choose archive file "mms-preconfigured.jpa" press "START", and then "RUN THE INSTALLER". If all webserver tests are green, press button "NEXT". Fill in the hostname (normally "localhost", the username, password and databasename. On the next page, change superadmin profile (e-mail adress and superadmin password). If needed, change te paths to the tmp and log files.

Kickstart afronding.png

The current window will report something like "Ending. Updating.htaccess". This means the process has ended, and you are finished with the installer. Now go back to the window where you started the process, and press "Clean up". The installation will be cleaned and ready to go.

(1) If you have no subdomain to put the installation in, you can create a subdirectory in an existing website but be sure to login the /administrator and rebuild the menu's.

The following video will take you through this process: