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Quick and easy way to resize and crop images without software on your device.

JCE editor pro is a product developed by the Widget Factory.

Most associations want a slider on their homepage, or at least some good sized images. It makes the homepage alive, gives color, and the most important articles can be highlighted. But getting images in the slider is difficult. Unless you are a photoshop expert (and have the license), it takes too much time to change them regularely. Also, you need the software on your laptop or Pc, while you also want to edit a website from tablet or whatever device.

So we searched for a method to edit photo's and images on the Joomla site. Uploading, resizing and cropping in 1 go. Saves time and irritation for webmasters.

The solution is JCE editor pro. These are the steps to resize and crop a picture and place it in the slider in less than a minute:

Opening JCE File editor
  1. start up the JCE File browser from the Joomla admin page. (see picture to the left)
  2. upload and resize the image in approximately the same width as your slider picture must be, leave the height empty (to maintain the aspect ratio)
    Upload and resize a picture in 1 step
  3. select the uploaded image and press the edit button. Crop the image, using the preset that matches the width and height of your slider pictures and move the selection where the hotspot of the picture is. Press "Apply" and then save.
    Crop and select the hotspot
  4. Go to RS Media gallery and add the right tag so that the image gets in the slider / carousel.


  • Configure cache directory
    Resizing of images is done in /tmp, make it writable. Or change the cache folder in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Filesystem, set the Cache Folder value to media/jce.
  • Use the correct button in the image editor toolbar, the advanced one has a star in the right corner
    The advanced button