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Overview with member data of all the current members (no cancellation date in the past).

With the searchable fields, which can be changed in the /administrator, searches can be performed with the methods "Is", "Contains", "Starts with", "Is empty". Pressing the +, adds extra filterfields with the AND operator.

The resultset is shown in columns that can be selected in the settings at Form fields. The columns can be sorted by pressing the column name.

The groups with permission can modify member data, 5 different tabs will be presented for each member.

If the member selects "Lijst weergave"" (List view), all the member information will be on one page.

To make the component have the same looks as your whole website, you can do custom changes in the lay out. To accomplish this, change the css/custom.css file of the template. This overrides other settings. For example, the default dogtag in newstream2 template looks like this:

Dogtag 1.png

By adding this code to custom.css:

.dog-tag {
    background-color: #89b839;
        padding: 0px;
    padding-bottom: 200px;

The lay out fits better in your website:

Dogtag 2.png