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Welcome to the MyMemberSoftware documentation

MyMember Administration

Our open source Member Administration tool. Pre configured to administrate members for associations of every size.

MyMember Subscription

For our hosting platform we have built a Joomla component to collect the annual (or monthly) membership fees via 4 different payment methods: SEPA pain automatic collection, Acceptgiro, iDEAL and Bank transfer. It only runs on our platform because we need specialized software which doesn't run on general webhosting servers. This component also collects one time fees such as penalties.

MyMember Synchro

MMS Synchro is the solution to synchronize member data on the website with external online administration packages. MMS Synchro has a test version for synchronization to Conscribo.

Members can be administrated on the Association's website with MMS Administration. In MMS Synchro you can configure which fields to be synchronized, and which is the key to match. The fields to be synchronized need to exist in both solutions.

A crontab is called (every 5 minutes for example), and members can be automatically created, updated and deleted in the external administration package.

The synchronization is activated by a cronjob:


Some components are better than others ! The past 5 years, we selected Joomla components for clients, based on the criteria Quality, Continuity and Functionality. We need each of these 3 elements to get a usefull component. Great functionality and programming quality but not in the next Joomla version (no Continuity) is not usable.


We don't intend to program every function ourself. Instead, we developed interfaces to selected partners. These plugins are downloadable in our shop. Some free, some at low cost. If you miss a usefull service, and you can program, you are invited to develop an interface on our open source based MMS.

  • Club Collect - Outsourcing the collection of membership fees for associations and clubs
  • Socie - Association app for mobile and tablet
  • Doorbetalers - Generate SEPA files based on member data
  • Conscribo - Data interface to synchronise member data to the financial administration
  • King Software - XML interface to synchronise member data to the financial administration

Frequently asked questions

Questions about the software.


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