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Members apply with the application form

This menu item (MyMemberAdmin Forms-> New Applicants) is meant for member administrators who need to activate applicants to become members. It shows an overview of the people that applied for the organization using the Application form. Searchable in the same way as the Member Overview. Applicants get in here by applying online via the Application form.

Applicants for the membership need to be approved first by the administration using the MMS form "New Applicants". At the moment the member is activated, a test is done on Zipcode and Housenumber if the combination is already in the member table. If so, a message will be displayed for the admnistrator to check if he is sure he wants to add the new member with those same field values. An e-mail will be sent to users whose application has been approved with Member ID and group (CC to Member Administrator).

Applicants are assigned the group that you configure in the backend of MMS (default the Joomla registration group).

Applicants edit their data

Applicants can change their application data after the application, until they are activated by the organization. To configure this, create a menu item to the Application from and give access the Applicant group and don't select the checkbox to show Joomla registration.

Manually adding members

At the applicant overview page for admins, below the overview you will find a button for an administrator who can manually create new members. This is a shortcut directly in the member table. The function is meant for members without an e-mail address, or members that cannot apply themselves. If you enter members with an e-mail address, that address won't be automatically added to Acymailing and no Joomla user will be created. To save time, for the organization it is best if members apply themselves and are activated by the admin (see above).

Common errors (and solutions)

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