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In some organizations, members need a parent-child relation. For example when members of the organization are in a hierarchy: businesses with employees or households with children.

Specific children's data (such as the end of subscription date or address) can be updated / synchronized when the parent is changed.

Parents are fully dynamic: nothing needs to be configured in advance to create a new parent. Childs can have only 1 parent at the same time.


Linking childs to parents

During manual activation of members: administrator can choose which parent to link a child to (for example determined by a field in which the applicant states what parent he / she wants.

During editing of members: a child can be mapped to 1 single parent. By pressing space, all possible parents are shown. When typing in characters, the company name and the last name will be matched. It might be handy to add a small indication to a company name to identify the Parent (for example "Main").

Parent edit 3.png

Parents cannot be linked to other parents to prevent multiple layers.

Parent edit 1.png

Parents can edit their children's data

The member overview is showing the members that the parents have right upon.

Parent edit 4.png

Parents can add children

When the parents have the permission to add members, new childs will get the parent_id of that parent automatically. The parent can then see the childs directly in his member overview.

IMPORTANT: we don't advise to give parents the permission to add childs. Only member administrators should be able to activate applicants and add members directly. Before activating you might need to check a blacklist and you don't want parents to assign member types to your members.

Detach children

In the member profile, groups can have the permission to detach children using the trashcan icon. Note that when the child is no longer attached to this parent, the parent cannot edit the data of his former child.

Parent edit 2.png

When the parent does not have the permission to edit the parent-child relationship, the trashcan icon won't be shown:

Parent edit 5.png

Parent subscription end date also ends the childrens subscription

When the parent is no member anymore, the children's subscription also ends at the same date. Only children whose parents have a date filled in the end of subscription date are set to their parent's date. Children can have their own end of subscription date, even when the parent is still an active member.

Option to change children's address when parents address changes

The parents have the option to change the address of their children when they change their data. Only childs that have the same address (same zipcode + housenumber) are changed.

Parent edit 6.png

Export includes field parent member id’s

In the export, the child records contain the parent member id.

Member overview: searching on parent_id

The childs of a parent can be searched by the parent member id.


Member administrators

For member administrator to edit childs and add a parent: switch on the Parent field (MMS -> Forms -> Member administrators, Maintenance, tab Personal “Parent” = optional and "update childs with same address" = optional.

Parent setup 1.png

In MMS Options: Allow the Permission “The right to edit parent-child relation”.

Parent setup 2.png

To search on parent id, switch this on in the Form fields.


For parents to edit their childs, create a new Joomla group “Parent”, under the members group (to inherite permissions). In MMS configuration: create a new Role “Parent” which should be mapped to the corresponding Joomla group.

Parent setup 3.png

MMS -> Forms -> Parents, Maintenance: Show the necessary fields (readonly, optional, etc) for the parents.

Parent setup 4.png

Create a menu item for parents to see their “Childs” linked to the MMS Form “Administration”.

Parent setup 5.png

In MMS Options: Allow the Permission “The right to manage children”

Parent setup 6.png