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RS Events Pro is developed by RS Joomla, the documentation is here.

Tips and tricks for RS Events pro

Error when some1 signs up for the event for which he already has signed up


The button Sign up disappears from the event when someone has already signed up. But, you can also make direct links to the sign up form. In that case, the error will show.

The 3 different payment options for events

  • iDEAL with tickets on the RS Events form
  • One time Direct debit by asking the necessary fields like Iban and "On behalf of" and then creating a SEPA Pain file with IbanC or
  • Free events, no ticket fields necessary. Drawback of this method is that you cannot registrate how many partners people take with them, which can be done with tickets.

communication history logging

If you want to make an archive what has been sent to participants, make a separate mailbox and fill this in at RS Events configuration -> Email -> BCC.

Crontab for reminders

RS Events also needs a crontab, to send reminder e-mails to people who signed up for an event. In the crontab file, add something like

*/19 *  * * *   root    wget --no-check-certificate -q -O /dev/null "" > /dev/null

Why every hour ? If you want to send reminders 1 day in advance, and you run the cron once a day, no reminders will be sent. Why ? Not sure but my theory is: at the day before will be too early (> 24 hours) and the cron at the same day too late (< 24 hours). There could be something wrong with the cron script in RS Events. (time to report a bug ?)

More information about reminders can be found in the Rs Events! documentation.

Resending reminder mails for events

Reminder mails in Rs Events are very handy. Automatically send a reminder 1-3 days before the event takes place, and more participants will be there. Normally you want to test if the reminder mails for an event are being send correctly. But when you do this, Rs Events records in the database that the reminder have been send. So 1-3 days before, you mention that no reminder (also called preminder) mails are being send. to solve this, reset the preminder mails for the event using a database query:

DELETE FROM `#__rseventspro_taxonomy` WHERE `type` ='reminder' AND `ide` IN (15,21,23,19,21)
Representation of dates in RS Events

Date format

RS Events! is international software, so default the date format is "d.m.Y". In most of Europe however, the dates are notified like 01-01-2017. Go to Components -> RS Events! pro -> Settings and fill in "d-m-Y" in the date field. Since the subscriptions are taking place in Rs Forms! pro, don't forget to change the attributes of every date-field ("Date format" to "dd-mm-yyyy".) See RS_Forms_pro.

Showing available tickets

With an override, you can show your members if there are tickets available, and how many. On the event details page, it's achived by adding some php code to the file show.php. You can also show the ticket information on the Event overview page. Then edit default.php and items_events.php. Overrides are placed in the active template directory:


Showing if an event has reached the maximum available tickets is easy:

<!--ticket availability -->
<?php if ($full) echo "<br><font style=\"color:red !important;\">". JText::_('COM_RSEVENTSPRO_EVENT_FULL') . "</font>";
<!--//ticket availability -->

Count how many tickets are available in 2 steps : first determine how many tickets are booked for this event:

->select('SUM('.$db->qn('ut.quantity').') AS sum')
->join('left', $db->qn('#__rseventspro_users','u').' ON '.$db->qn('').' = '.$db->qn('ut.ids'))
->where($db->qn('u.state').' = 1')
->where($db->qn('u.ide').' = '. $event->id );

And then substract booked tickets from max_tickets_amount.

More information on the RS Events page: RS Joomla