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RS Forms Pro is developed by RS Joomla, the documentation is here.

RS - data connection - LAO

By installing the rsfplao plugin, the following MMS fields can be pre filled in on a form:

  • member id
  • full name
  • last name (hidden, for sorting purposes on entry lists)
  • address
  • telephone number

If the e-mail adress with which the member is logged in can be found in the member administration, the data in these fields will be shown readonly.

Above the form, place something like "The following information is loaded from the member ship administration. If some information is incorrect, please update your date here (link to the my member profile form)".

If no member data can be found in the member administration, the fields are editable.

Configure attributes of date fields

Format of Date fields

You might want to change the format of date fields to something like "01-01-2017". Default it will be represented "01.01.2017". So change the attributes of every date-field at the form ("Date format" to "d-m-Y".)

Edit Form -> Edit field -> Atrributes tab, Date format field. Switch on the Calender lay out to "Pop up" and Readonly to "No". Visitors can type the date themselves or select a date from the pop up.