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Applying can be done in two ways: including creation of a Joomla account, or without.

Apply for the organization with Joomla users and applicant member data

An aspirant member can make an application for the organization via the option "Register". With the Register function, a Joomla account will be created at the same time.

Depending on the chosen payment method, one of 3 welcome letters will be sent. The letters can be changed in the backend: Components -> My Member Administration -> Options. The tab "Brief templates" contain the content of welcome - letters.

The variables that can be inserted in the letters are:


These are case sensitive and should be in readable format (for example dates are in the database in YYYY-MM-DD format, but should be in the letter as DD-MM-YYYY format).

Completing applications

When the Joomla user has already been created, the applicant wants to only make his application complete. Use a menu item that is linked to the Application form and do not check the "Show Joomla Account registration". Make this menu item only accessable for the group that has a default registration group.

In the form, show e-mail as readonly, it will be prefilled in when the user is logged in with the Joomla user e-mail address.