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The memberdata can be exported with different profiles in 2 formats: CSV and OpenXML. At the moment of writing, 4 different exports are possible: Member data, Active Member data, Club Collect and Socie. The export is secured with a password (or passphrase, when GPG encryption is enabled).

Export types

4 different export types are available.

  • Member data: the data of all members (current and previous-).
  • Active Member data: the data of all current members with the field "Active" checked (on).
  • Club Collect plugin export
  • Socie plugin export

Export Profiles

An export profile determines which memberdata will be exported. There are 2 different profiles to export:

  • All fields that the user has at least "readonly" rights on, excluding bank fields
  • All fields that the user has at least "readonly" rights on, including bank fields.

OpenXML Import Office 365 and LibreOffice

The open XML export is compatible with the XML handler of Microsoft Office 365, and will also open in LibreOffice.

A problem with Excel 2016 can be, is that it doesn't open files with unexpected dates, for example 1129-12-31. This is obviously before our PC era, and Excel 2016 decides it doesn't open files with such dates. Change the date in the member administration. Open the log file with the following address to read which date Excel bugs on: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO

CSV Import in Excel

The CSV file has UTF8 characterset, and Excel does not import CSV correctly unless you:

  • Save the exported file as a csv
  • Open Excel
  • Import the data using Data-->Import External Data --> Import Data
  • Select the file type of "csv" and browse to your file
  • In the import wizard change the File_Origin to "65001 UTF" (or choose correct language character identifier)
  • Change the Delimiter to comma
  • Select where to import to and Finish

This way the special characters should show correctly.

Password or Passphrase

In the backend, at the My Member Administration - Options, the field "Export security method" determines if the export will be secured by an extra Password or Passphrase.

No encryption

With "No encryption" in the backend Options, the password in "Export password" will be checked before making the export. It isn't possible to leave the field "Export password" blank. This is an extra security measure: who doesn't know the export password, is unable to make exports of the member data.

GPG encryption

With the option "GPG encryption" selected in the backend Options, the GPG key passphrase will be checked before making the export. When the passphrase is validated, the encrypted data will be decrypted (Iban) and the data exported to the format that was chosen.

Privacy Law

Depending on your country, the Privacy law may have consequences on how you treat files with member data. In the case of data loss (for example: a lost USB stick with unencrypted member data), in the EU you will have to make a report to the authorities. To prevent this sort of actions, only make exports to your machine if it is unavoidable. . And if you make them, make sure to delete them afterwards. This was the reason why we implemented an extra generic export password, on top of your personal authentication (login with username and password).