Userfriendly frontend member intranet

Create your own member administration intranet with My Member Software. Use MMS Plug-and-Play and you will have your complete member portal up and running in 10 minutes !

  • Userfriendly Frontend intranet member portal
  • Customizable: infinite permission structure
  • Secure
  • Responsive for mobile, tablet and pc
  • Open Source
  • Central online database
  • Integrated with many different functions
  • Actively maintained: every month a new version
  • Intranet
  • Used in more than 15 countries by over 600.000 members in 5 languages

My Member Software is the downloadable open source member administration program. Associations, Clubs, Foundations and even companies can administrate their members on a solid member portal and it is integrated in the CMS Joomla, but can also run beside a Wordpress or Drupal website.

The solution was developed by a group of 50 Dutch Associations, under the name of "Ledenadministratie Online" ("LAO" as we call it). LAO only worked on a specific technical server setup, and the extension couldn't be downloaded. However it is very usuable for other associations in Europe (maybe even worldwide), so it was decided that the software should be open-source and multi langual. We developed the open-source version in the same manner as we did Ledenadministratie Online: by crowdfunding.

We concluded the following steps to make it open-source (GPLv2) and sell it international:

  • Creating an official open source GPLv2 Joomla extension for the Joomla shop (JED).
  • Creating data interfaces to accountancy programs to collect subscriptions and one time events. The data interface synchronizes member data to Conscribo (completed) and e-Boekhouden (completed). So the secretary can overview the member administration on the website and the treasurer can work in the accountancy program. More interfaces are investigated: for example VISMA eAccounting.
  • Translating to Norwegian (complete), German (complete), Polish (complete) and Spanish.
  • Research how to integrate My Member Software in the other important open source Content Management Systems (CMS's): Wordpress / Drupal.

GDPR tools built in

Including lots GDPR tools: right to be forgotten, security, data export.

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And ... over 600.000 members !

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