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My Member Software!

Create your own intranet membership portal with ease

With our plug-and-play solution, you'll have a fully functional member portal at your fingertips within just 10 minutes!

GDPR Tools

built in

Userfriendly frontend

for all members

Highest score

from our clients sinds 2010

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GDPR, Joomla and Kickstarter

Part of the complete Joomla CMS

My Member Software is the downloadable open source member administration program

  • Userfriendly Frontend intranet member portal¬†

  • Secure

  • Open Source

  • Central online database

  • Responsive for mobile, tablet and pc

  • Customizable: infinite permission structure

  • Integrated with many different functions

  • Actively maintained: every month a new version

Our user-friendly intranet membership portal not only offers convenience but also optimal security for all your member data. Whether you're on your mobile, tablet, or PC, our member app is always within reach.

As an open-source platform, we empower our users to have full control over their membership administration. Additionally, we provide a range of features that cater to all your needs.

At My Member Software, we believe in continuous improvement. That's why we regularly release new versions, ensuring you always benefit from the latest capabilities and enhancements.

Join the ranks of over 600,000 satisfied users in more than 24 countries, using our software in 6 different languages. Whether you're a foundation, association, club, or business, My Member Software is the reliable solution that can be integrated into Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal.

Automate your membership tasks and discover how you can do more in less time with My Member Software.

Create your own puzzle

Membership Administration

By using Joomla as the basis for the Membership Administration module, the association is fully able to choose and install its own functionalities. In this way, its own "Puzzle" is created for each association.

Many hands

Make light work

  • Users sign up online and may be authorized to update their own information.
  • Department secretaries manage their own department.
  • The secretary oversees all this and spends as little time as possible on repetitive work.

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