My Member Software

My Member Software is going to be an open source program with which Associations, Clubs, Foundations and even companies can administrate their members and is integrated in the CMS of choice: Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

Originally the solution was developed by a group of 50 Dutch Associations, under the name of "Ledenadministratie Online" ("LAO" as we call it). LAO only worked on a specific technical server setup, and the extension couldn't be downloaded. However it is very usuable for other associations in Europe, so it was decided that the software should be open-source and multi langual. We are going to develop the open-source version in the same manner as we did Ledenadministratie Online: by crowdfunding.

We defined the following steps to make it open-source (GPLv2) and downloadable:

1. Creating an official Joomla extension for the JED.
  • moving all configuration to the backend;
  • making multi langual and translate to English;
  • making the documentation available online in two languages: English and Dutch;
  • compile an installation version for Joomla.
2. Possibly translating to Spanish, German and French.

3. Research how to integrate My Member Software in the other important open source Content Management Systems (CMS's): Wordpress / Drupal.

Each step needs its own programming and functional designs, so there is costs involved. The steps need to be in this order (no step 2 if step 1 isnt ready), but we can stop at anytime depending on the crowdfunding success; Euro's. So if your Association, Club or foundation is interested in member administration in Wordpress or Drupal, consider to contribute a bit extra so that step 1 and 2 are funded.