Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What are the most important advantages of the software?

  • Userfriendly frontend data management by different persons with different access levels at 1 central database (members, department secretaries, central administration);
  • A complete member or client portal, up and running in 10 minutes;
  • Standard CMS, intranet, and attached to many extensions such as forum, e-mail newsletters, evenement planner, photo albums etc etc.
  • In own management, so very cheap: less than 4 euro a month for invinite members.


Can I integrate the member portal on my Wordpress website

Yes, this is quite easy, by using the bridge we designed for this. The bridge will integrate the member portal both visually and with member data to your Wordpress CMS website. You can do this yourself, using our technical documentation, or by outsourcing to one of our certified specialists.


Is there a full accounting package included ?

My Member Software is specialized in the administration of member data and integration with many open source packages and cloud services. For the accounting, we created synchronization to example Conscribo, E-boekhouden and Club Collect, So you can synchronize member data easily to the package of your choice. Under development are synchronizations to VISMA e-accounting, Snelstart, and so on.


How are the subbscription fees collected ?

MMS is built to keep members in your organization ; and uses automatic (implicit) renewal; members do not have to activate their subscription every year or month. The invoicing can be done in Excel or automatic debt collection. The active renewal process that is being used by example webshops results on average in loosing 24% members every year so that's not a good solution for associations / clubs / companies. Hence we automated another method, to keep members in the organization.


Why is there no webhosting included ?

Your member administration is online, so you need to have webosting. You can choose your own webhost.


Can you do the installation on our website ?

Yes, we can do the installation and setup, it's an option when you checkout.

It's also possible to download the plug and play version that consists of a complete Joomla + MMS + Intranet website with a responsive template.


How can you guaranntee the continuity of My Member Softare ?

My Member Software is open source and by signing up you have access to all the source code.


How is the support offered ?

We have a full documentation, answers you can't find in there can be asked via Skype or E-mail.


Our organization has custom fields: are those fields also possible in your system ?

MMS has 70 standard fields per member, and we offer an extra 75 customizable fields. In total there are 145 fields per member. In general this is more than enough. The webmaster can add customized fields in 10 different fieldtypes in the backend of the component. Examples of the fieldtypes: text, dropdown, checkbox, iban, number.


The member data are in the cloud, how safe is that ?

The security chain is as strong as the weakest link. Choose a secure webhost, keep your software up to date. This also applies to organizations that save their data in Excel.


Is the software compliant with the GDPR ?

Yes, in the software multiple functions are added to comply to the GDPR. Those functions do even more than tat: they will make your daily tasks more efficient and less repitive. What could be automated is automated. For example: members can login their member portal and see what data are administered by the organization. The Administrator does not have to create those overviews and send them by hand. Other example: Historic data will be automatically be deleted from the system after a period.


We already have a website, what now ?

If this is a Joomla! based website, installing is a piece of cake. If you use Wordpress or another Content Management System, you can create a subdomain and run the member portal in your webhosting package. Don't forget to create some links from your main website to the application form and edit the member profile.


My template has conflicts with My Member Software

These are solvable by adding custom.css file and place some overrides on the lay out. If you cannot solve it, you can also ask us to do it.


We use an accounting program for our member administration, do I have to enter all members manually ?

No, you don't have to add them all manually. Create an export to a CSV file and import them with for example CSV Improved. Of course we can do this for you, contact us for a price offer.


We use Microsoft Excel for our member administration, do I have to enter all members manually ?

No, you don't have to add them all manually. Create an export to a CSV file and import them with for example CSV Improved. We created an example import template for CSVI. Of course we can do this for you, contact us for a price offer.


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