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Free consult: Joomla 4 migration in 14 easy steps

The migration from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 can be quite complicated, depending on the installed plugins, components and settings within. The result can be Error 500, and you cannot access the administrator backend anymore. For free advice on the migration see the end of this article.

Joomla4 error 500

We migrated the majority of our clients from Joomla3 to Joomla4 last month, many with different components like Acymailing, RS Forms, Akeeba, Seblod, RO Payments, Email authentication plugin by Michael Ritchey and ofcourse our Component My Member Software. Some of the plugins in your installation might have been abandoned; and are not Joomla4 compatible.

Based on our experience we created a step-by-step list, which generally works well:

  1. Create a full backup, for example with Akeebabackup
  2. Extensions -> Manage -> Update sites : Rebuild
  3. Update all components, also JCE editor
  4. Select frontend template Protostar and backend Isis
  5. Extensions -> Manage -> Filter for templates. Uninstall all templates except for protostar and isis. If this is the last style, remove at least template related system plugins such as system/plugins/rsmelia).
  6. Uninstall plugin “mms export”, “AkeebaStrapper”
  7. Extensies -> Manage ->Database : Check for errors in
  8. Install latest version MMS 8.0.9_J3
  9. Acymailing check configuratie, disable “AcyMailing : (auto)Subscribe during Joomla registration”
  10. Create a full backup, for example with Akeebabackup
  11. Components -> Joomla update options (Next Joomla) : migrate to Joomla 4
  12. Update all components (don't forget MMS 8.1.21_J4), and check if NL language and weblinks are updated
  13. Select Cassiopia style as default and choose positions for the enabled modules
  14. Delete files from folder /tmp with FTP

Free advice from our team

If you are about to do the migration and don't feel comfortable even with the above step-by-step list, you can fill in our contact form and ask for a free consult based on your configuration. We will host an interactive session and will look at your Joomla 3 backend. At the end we will give you 1 free tip on how to have a smooth migration from J3 to J4.



Introducing: VUE.js frontend

new version mms 7.9.3
NEW ! We migrated the frontend coding language from Angular to VUE.js. We expect VUE to be a stable and safe language for a number of years.

No new functions, we tried to keep it as close to the previous frontend as possible.

The action price of MMS ended in 2022, which makes a better reflection of the costs made for maintenance. By upgrading the price, the continuity of MMS is saved.

Current clients can renew their license for 79 EUR (VAT included).

Introducing: Stable version versie 7.9.3 is out !

new version mms 7.9.3
NEW ! 2 new functions, 8 bugfixes, 2 security improvements make version 7.9.3 a major update. To maintain quality we added new robot tests and got MMS through the ironer for changes in Acymailing 7 and several bugfixes.

Most popular new functions:

  1. Assign Joomla groups to members. In combination with the separate available MMS Logging plugin it is possible to assign groups to members through the member administration. Through these groups a multitude of permissions is available, for example for Commissions, Platforms, Task groups, and so on without having to change the membertype. These groups are added on top of the normal membership.
  2. Automatic activation of applicants. Until now, applicants always needed to be manually promoted by the secretary or a commission. The included cli script makes it possible to do this automatically.
  3. Bridge of the member portal to Wordpress. Combining the best of both (CMS) worlds: the userfriendly Wordpress environment plus the advanced Joomla intranet. Send out newsletters from Wordpress posts to an up to date list of members at the member portal instantly.

Quality is secured by the newly added robot tests that we created for Acymailing 7 and the bugs that have been solved. Read more.

Current clients can renew their license for 35 EUR (VAT included).

Extend Wordpress with a complete, affordable member portal

Combine the strengths of the Wordpress content management and our affordable member portal by using a custom bridge.

The bridge does 2 things: Show the member portal to members at the existing www website and sync the member data to the existing website.

Build the bridge yourself, or outsource the work to one of our Certified Partners. Contact us for more information and costings.

integrating member portal in wordpress

The technical documentation can be found here.

New: Assign all groups to your members

New plugin: assign all kind of extra groups to your members in your membership administration. For example taskforces, even temporal / flexible groups with different permissions at your memberportal. Write us before March 15, 2021 if you want to test the plugin for #free.

assign groups

The technical documentation can be found here.

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