Complete member portal, based on open source intranet

More and more organizations offer their clients and members digital services. Well known services are newsletters, articles for members, handbooks, subscribing to events, and so on. The access to those services is limited to the members who have an active subscription in the member administration. Permissions are set by using the intranet function: which group can access what function. This used to be expensive and tailor made. But not anymore: by using open source software the organization can offer their own set of digital services with the intranet function.

Choose first what functions your organization wants to offer: there are lots of functions available that will make the website attractive with dynamic content.

By using the My Member Software plug and play version, your intranet is up and running in 10 minutes: With 5 layers of permissions (guest, applicant, member, administrator and board) you can start the administration in no time, and use the intranet for your members.