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Comply to most important GDPR requirements with MMS

MMS gives you the tools to comply to the GDPR with standard built-in functions.

Right of access and rectification

Members have the right to access their registered data, which is integrated in MMS. Also members can be given the permission to rectify the information in defined fields of their data. More info in the documentation.

Right to be forgotten

After the retention period has expired, data is deleted automatically of members. Also the application data will be removed. More info in the documentation.

Right to data portability

Exporting the data of an individual member to Excel (openXML) involves pressing only 1 button only. After the export, the data can be send to the organization of the member's choice. More info in the documentation.

Safety by design

The integration in Joomla (ACL) makes advanced security configurations possible, with different access levels, permissions to functions within the club. The safety of the code is also checked regularely, recently in april 2018 a security audit was performed and certified. More info in the documentation.


If you want a guaranteed correct and safely configured intranet installation you can hire us to configure it for you, or let us do a check-up. Contact us now.

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