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quality controlIn 2011 we created My Member Software, and back then it worked fairly straightforward. In time, clients asked for new functions like

  • department admins
  • parents who control child members
  • integration in Acymailing
  • etcetera.

Now it is possible to customize MMS in so many ways that the different setups are well above 100.000 different configurations. Clients were happy, because organizations are all different and don't want to use 1 generic solution. But the downside of these new possibilities: the complexity increased and thus, the chance on bugs.

Before we could launch a new version, we had to test the software manually to reach quality insurance. Like you might recognize when you use Microsoft windows: when a programmer solves a problem on 1 place, that problem might pop up elsewhere or new bugs are introduced. Our testing documentation grew to over 100+ pages, with many possible quality checks. Lots of hours were spent to check all different combinations.

Luckily, one of the major banks in Holland brought us state of the art Automated (Robot) Testing. Beginning 2019 we started programming tests, and now in August, we have 42 automated tests. Before we launch a new version, it has to pass all 42 tests. In the near future more, because new tests are added every month. The result: much higher software quality, less bugs, less issues, more happy clients.

quality testing robot

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